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Shark Stakeholders' Consultation Workshop was convened at the Conference Room of the Marine Fisheries & Technology Station (MFTS), Bangladesh Fisheries Research Institute (BFRI), Cox's Bazar on 30 January, 2014. Dr. Zahirul Haque, CSO, MFTS, BFRI acted as the Chair Person. 03 Scientists of the MFTS; PD and NTA- Support to Sustainable Management of the BOBLME Project; 03 Senior Upazila Fisheries Officers of Cox's Bazar, 02 ADs & 01 Extension Officers of the District Fisheries Office; Manager, Fish Landing Station & Manager, Fish Processing Unit, Bangladesh Fisheries Development Corporation, Cox's bazar; Assistant Conservator of Forest of the Coastal Forest Divn., Assistant Director of the DoE, Cox's Bazar; Principal Investigator, MarineLife Alliance, Cox's Bazar; Mr. Shafiuddin, Coast-Trust Cox's Bazar; 06 representatives of Shark Fishers Welfare Association, 04 representatives of Coastal/marine Fishers' & Traders & their Association, Cox' Bazar and media people participated in the consultation workshop.

After self-introduction by the participants, the PD, Support to Sustainable Management of the BOBLME Project gave a brief elaboration about the need of the Consultation Workshop and welcomed the participants. The Chair spoke about the necessity of the sharks – the top predators of the Seas and Oceans and their global and regional conservation measures; the efforts being exerted by the Marine Fisheries Wing, DoF in maintaining the harvest statistics of sharks along with all kinds of coastal/marine fisheries and its necessity of sustainable harvesting and conservation and opened the Workshop.


A key-note paper on the Shark fisheries of Bangladesh was presented through PowerPoint by the Support to Sustainable Management of the BOBLME Project, BFRI. The presentation contained historical data of shark fisheries of Bangladesh; categories of globally available sharks; available species of sharks in Bangladesh, species under IUCN red list; major harvesting areas and major landing locations; gears and crafts involved; catch and export trends; shark products of our country; importance of sharks in the maintenance and sustenance of biodiversity and balance of the marine ecosystem; sharks maturity and breeding and feeding habit; global conservation-management measures (IPOA-Sharks) and necessity of national conservation-management measures (NPOA-sharks).

After the presentation the floor was opened by the Chairman for open discussion. Almost all participants along with the small-scale artisanal fishers' & their association actively participated in the discussion. After long discussion a panel of recommendations was put forwarded for future sustainable exploitation and conservation-management of the sharks for inclusion in the NPOA-shark in our coasts and the Bay. The recommendations were as follows:

The Chair Person wrapped up the day-long workshop with few words regarding the importance of sharks, the role the coastal/marine fisheries can play for sustainable harvest of marine fishes including the sharks in Bangladesh, the necessity of a National Plan of Actions (NPOA-shark) for the shark fisheries and thanked the august participants from the different organizations for attending the workshop. The consultation workshop's news was published the National daily – The Prothom Alo on the next day.